Are You a Victim of Speeding Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident due to speeding or driver negligence, contact us today. We can help you get compensated ASAP!

We all witness drivers speeding to some degree or another each day. Excessive speeding causes many accidents each year. Many accidents happen when a driver’s reaction time is decreased because of excessive speeding. Speeding is dangerous and traveling above the speed limit is an easy way to cause a car accident. The faster you drive, the slower your reaction time to prevent an auto accident. About one third of all auto accidents are caused by excessive speeding. This is also another form of negligence on the part of the speeder. Obviously, the faster you drive the less reaction time you have to avoid an accident. The price for speeding is great from tickets to fatalities. Injuries are more severe at higher speeds and can be fatal. Going the speed limit can also be speeding if it is in dangerous conditions. Even speeding a little bit in a low speed limit area can cause accidents. Is it really worth arriving at your destination a few seconds early by risking the possibility of getting a speeding ticket or hitting someone because your following them too close. Always us the three second rule when following another car and error on the side of caution. While driving spot a sign or marker and when the car in front of you passes it count 3 seconds. If you reach the marker before 3 seconds slow down and try it a again. Make sure this does not distract you in anyway while driving. There is no advantage gained by speeding other then arriving at your destination a few seconds or minutes early. The risk of speeding far outweighs the gain. A serious accident or even a speeding ticket is not worth the extra few seconds gained. Leave early and have a more relaxing drive without fear of getting into an accident or receiving a ticket.

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If you are a victim of driver negligence or speeding, contact our car accident attorneys today. We can help you file your claim and get compensated today!

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