Injury Attorney

Many people don’t understand that they need a professional AND experienced injury attorney to help them file their injury claims. Many times people fill out an injury claim application, get an offer in the mail, and take it.

While the vast majority is happy with getting compensation, they neglect the fact that what they received is statistically an 8th of what they deserve and only a 1-time payout. If you have the patience to wait a couple more days, you can receive up to 8 times the amount of money the insurance companies’ automated formulas generate, and possibly receive a lifetime of something (ie: auto memberships, health memberships, medical care, etc.).

Contact National Injury Attorney Network today. We’ll make sure the insurance company pays for everything.

Here is a list of items an insurance company must take into consideration to determine what your claim is worth.

  • medical care and related health expenses
  • income lost because of the accident, either because unable to work or undergoing treatment from injury
  • any kind of permanent physical disfigurement or disability
  • loss of social and/or educational experiences, including missing school or training, recreation or vacation, or a special function
  • loss of family or friend
  • emotional damages, such as stress, depression, or strains on family relationships
  • damaged property, car

A compensation package automatically generated by a formula at the insurance companies are designed to give you the bare minimum for all the above. Contact us today to make sure you get the most of everything you deserve. Just fill out the form on the homepage, and we’ll help you get compensated ASAP.